Could Church Marriage Counseling Help You?

19 August 2021
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Relationships can be very difficult. This is true even when two people care about each other deeply. Fortunately, though, couples do not have to face the challenges of marriage all on their own. Many churches provide marriage counseling, sometimes even free of cost. This counseling can help you to uncover issues in your marriage and to work together to solve them. It may be conducted with just the couple and the counselor. Or, it can take place in a class or group setting. But, you may be wondering, who truly needs and can benefit from counseling? While just about any couple can find marriage counseling helpful, it's especially true if your marriage is exhibiting signs of serious trouble.


Good marriages are full of passion and mutual love and respect. When a marriage goes bad, however, it can often lead to apathy. You and your spouse may not really care about each other's feelings. You may not even care enough to talk through issues or to make togetherness a priority.

If you have reached the point where one or both of you have stopped caring and stopped trying, it's definitely time for some outside help. A good counselor can help you to rekindle the love you once felt and to work toward each partner being more considerate and thoughtful of the other.


Arguments are normal between couples. In some cases, they can even be healthy, at least if they end up reaching mutual solutions to problems. If you're fighting more than you do anything else, however, that's far from healthy. This is especially true if your arguments escalate to the point of yelling or name-calling.

Fortunately, counseling can teach you and your spouse better, more beneficial ways to communicate, which can put an end to the constant bickering and restore peace to your marriage.


Finally, if any kind of adultery or infidelity has occurred in your marriage, there's a great chance you could benefit from counseling. This is true for all kinds of cheating, including emotional infidelity and physical infidelity. A counselor can help partners to understand why the infidelity occurred, and if the partners desire, how to move on from it and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Marriage may be tough, but if you have a desire to make your marriage work, there's a good chance it can thrive. If you don't have a church you attend regularly or if your church doesn't offer counseling, find a marriage help church program in your area. Then, simply search for a church that offers it. Before you know it, you could be on your way to a healthier, happier marriage.