What Do Kids Do at Lutheran Sunday School?

7 September 2022
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Kids usually attend regular school from Monday through Friday. The weekends are often reserved for play, but kids can benefit from visiting Sunday school when their parents go to church. Lutheran Sunday school classes are designed to help kids understand God's love through Bible stories and lessons. Lutheran teachers patiently and lovingly instruct kids in fun-filled, educational classes. Here are four things that kids can do in Lutheran Sunday school classes:

1. Experience the lectionary in easy-to-understand language.

The lectionary is a collection of texts designed to deepen believers' understanding of the Bible and their faith. The lectionary typically includes a passage from the Old Testament, a passage from the New Testament, and Psalm. Kids can benefit from learning through the lectionary, just like adults can. Many Lutheran Sunday school classes are based on the lectionary but put into language that kids can understand. Allowing kids to experience Biblical truths on their level can equip them to grow into strong and knowledgeable Christians.

2. Make new friends.

Friendship is a cornerstone of the Christian life since fellowship is an important part of spiritual growth. Attending Sunday school classes on the weekends will give kids the opportunity to broaden their social circles by meeting other kids with similar beliefs. Lutheran Sunday schools accept kids of all ages in various classes. This means that kids can continue to get to know their friends through Sunday school as they grow up together.

3. Experience communion.

Communion is one of the key sacraments of the Christian life. Christians take communion as a way to remember Him. Allowing kids to take communion from an early age can help them appreciate Christ's sacrifice in a tangible way. Adults typically take communion during church service, and kids can do so as well. During Sunday school, kids will have the opportunity to take communion together as they reflect on the meaning of Christ's love and sacrifice.

4. Indulge in arts, crafts, and games.

While kids will learn about the Bible in Sunday school, it isn't all work and no play. Kids will also have the opportunity to enjoy kid-friendly activities, such as making arts and crafts relevant to the day's lesson. Hands-on activities can help kids retain more information. It can also give something to show parents after their church service ends. Kids will also have the chance to play games and participate in other activities with their Sunday school classmates.